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I used to be confident stamp + which would you be? by Okitakehyate
I used to be confident stamp + which would you be?
Yeah, I used to have a lot more confidence, pride and self-respect, but then life shot an arrow in my knee when I met my future mother-in-law and she shot me off my high-horse. I can't reason with her or do a darn thing to gain her respect or approval and she's blocking me from talking to her daughters I want to be friends with just because of foolish grudges over facebook comments and crap I had nothing to do with that she don't want to take blame for, and she doing everything she can to make me feel like I'm shit for not being able to get a job. To make matters worse, things keep delaying my wedding, I hate feeling powerless cuz I feel it's causing me to loose my my mojo and it's slowly turning me into an NPC who has no control over the game of my own life.

Which type of character would you be if your life was a video-game:

Hero: You have many useful skills and the best gear (nicest things clothes, car ect.) What you have is yours because you worked hard for it and earned it the right way. People envy you and some are mean to you because they want to be you. You know what your doing and what your objectives are and you have enough personal power, privilege and self-esteem to make things happen. You want to help others even at your own expense because you care and don't like seeing injustice.

Villain: You have skills that are good for doing evil things, like spreading distrust and causing trouble through lies and manipulation, you know how to hurt people emotionally &/or physically and you enjoy it. Most of what you have you took or obtained in a crooked underhanded way, such as tricking someone or stepping on people on your way up the ladder. Or maybe you've just got plans and dreams and ambitious and feel paranoid like everybody's out to get you or unsure why everyone hates you and seems to get in your way. You probably have ways of justifying everything you do and don't understand why others think they are so wrong and feel you deserve nice things as much as or more then anybody else.

NPC types:

Merchant: You have things people want or need and don't mind giving them stuff, but expect something in return. Most of your relationships revolve around people using you for what they can get and you using them for what you can get in exchange.

Information broker: Like a merchant, but you sell gossip. People always want to talk to you, but that's about it.

Quest-giver: you are either very needy or very bossy. You do nothing but ask people for help with things your either incapable of or too lazy to do, or you simply enjoy bossing people around and telling them what to do. Either way, you always have something you want someone to do for you and you never talk to anybody unless you need something.

Supporting character: You are always up for an adventure, you're always looking for work and available for someone in need, but don't talk to anyone or do anything unless they come to you 1st, you are loyal to and protective (sometimes over-protective and prone to randomly attacking people you perceive as a threat) to anybody you've sworn to follow, you don't mind carrying everyone's burdens whether they be physical luggage or emotional baggage, but you often feel overwhelmed by all you have to carry, and you feel under-appreciated like no one gives you any respect or cares what you have to say. When you do take the initiative to talk to someone you usually have long boring stories that don't make much sense, or corny jokes that people either love or hate, you're comments are random and way out of left field and you don't know how to transition smoothly from topic to topic because you're socially awkward, the best things you have were given to you or loaned to you temporary, sometimes your friendships themselves seem on loan to you because people walk away and forget you too easily.

I feel like I'm a "Supporting character NPC" in my own life... I used to be an adventure until life shot an arrow in my knee... but seriously! I started life out like a hero, but then I wound up being poor cuz I couldn't get a job and then I felt like a villain for a while because people were mean to me and in my way and I wanted the power to crush them and make them pay, but then I just gave up and decided to accept my lot in life as NPC because hardly anyone ever listened to or respected me, but everyone enjoys using me. It's not so bad though, because like in Skyrim's Hearthfire expansion I can get married and be a contented housewife, and I'll probably end up working out of the home selling things or something. (I'm already engaged to a nice guy who loves me so I count myself lucky)
Hey everyone. Sorry I've been kind of dead :dead: on here for a while. I started studying Graphic Arts at Independence University Online. Haven't gotten to the actual art yet, started out with "Psychology of Motivation" & now working on "Writing" :work: and "American History" :reading: Woo hoo what fun.. Actually it is kinda fun sometimes, when I'm not struggling to figure out what to write :frustrated: or feeling kind of bored with all the reading :yawn:. I'm getting good grades, but the thought of starting math scares me :fear: cuz I suck at math... but hopefully the tutors they have online will be a big help ^^; Maybe I'll post something on here sometime when I get the chance, can't promise though. 


I got my wisdom teeth out recently, I've been watching the anime "Blue Exorcist" a lot lately, and my birthday is coming up next Friday on July 11th!
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: the ceiling fan
  • Reading: American History
  • Watching: Blue Exorcist
  • Playing: Lunar Dragon Song
  • Eating: a banana
  • Drinking: water


Okitakehyate's Profile Picture
Aka No Kagura
United States
Current Residence: Who wants to know?
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Tecno, J-pop, & anime soundtracks.
Favourite style of art: I like pencil drawing, computer-paint, & photos
Wallpaper of choice: anime
Skin of choice: Pale
Favourite cartoon character: Okita Souji, Ukitake Jyuushiro, Hyatt, Hayate Gekkou, & Ukyo Tachibana
Personal Quote: "Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies."

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