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Once upon a time, the world was filled with woe and chaos...

Injustice was the norm, and many suffered bullying, insults, harassment, abuse, unfairness, and prejudice in this world.

The corruption grew and grew, bigger and bigger, until eventually it became a towering giant!

The titan stood tall, towering over houses, as his great and imposing shadow stretched across the land...

People cowered in fear as his massive head blocked out the light of hope, and worried that his massive footprints would destroy the very earth itself as he walked across the land...

Women and children cried, fearing they'd be eaten alive or utterly crushed, while men tried desperately to console them, insisting they could befriend the massive titan and have him on their side.

Some believed the titan was a "god" sent to bless the land and restore richness and prosperity... others believed it to be all evils of the earth brought to life in one form.

A legend was born that a woman would rise up to defeat him! An amazon warrior with locks of gold in a suit of shining armor would slay her Goliath and take the throne to reign as a benevolent queen!

Many believed this legend, that a woman would come and be the one who would slay all evil incarnate and destroy the seeds of evil, so that no evil could ever spawn again...

A day came to pass when an old, wise, and somewhat haggard woman with golden locks rode into town in a flashy pantsuit, upon a white horse. Many rejoiced and said "This is the woman!" but many were skeptical and laughed and shook their heads...

Some said "No, she is a witch! We must burn her at the stake!" Others said, "We must spare her, so she can save us all!" Still others said: "No she is just an old lady, far to feeble to do the job... just listen to her cough!"

The woman decided that she was the one that the legend foretold, and despite being chased with torches and pitch-forks, she fought valiantly against the titan.

The battle waged on for a while, and it looked like her victory was close at hand... then suddenly the tide of battle turned... and in the end the titan had won!

The woman limped away to safety and brushed herself off, panting as her heart raced she felt lucky to be alive!

The town people hid her from the titan and tended to her wounds, some cried with her, some gaped in shock, none were certain what to do...

The next morning when the titan rose, they took up slings and arrows to avenge their fallen heroine...

The titan scoffed and laughed and batted them aside... they attacked with swords and battering rams, but they were merely toothpicks to him and were easily dispatched.

The titan said "The time is now, to sit upon the throne."

"How could this be?" They said, this must surely be a dream, or an illusion cast by someone's spell, this simply could not be...

As they gazed and wondered how he'd fit upon the throne... the giant shrank with every step he took, and with every step closer he grew a little smaller...

When he reached the throne the spell was broken, and he revealed his true form...

And when the townspeople really looked...

they saw he was not a titan at all... but an ordinary man.
The Titan of Corruption...
A modern fairy tale written to show how peoples imaginations can run away with them, and that things are not always as they seem.
If you enter this in the counsel commands for an Elder Scrolls PC game, your character and all the NPCs turn into blond Nords who worship Talos. J/K it does nothing.

I made this because I heard Donald Trump appointed someone in his cabinet that was in the "Alt-Right Movement" I don't really know much about it, accept that it's somehow related to white supremacist. I don't support it... I just made this cuz I'm one of those people, who if you mentioned "Alt-Right" before Trump got elected and this made the news I would have asked "What is that? a video-game cheat-code?"


I voted for Hillary and was very upset she lost, cuz I wanted our 1st female president.
America reacts to Trump
Again, I'm not voting for him... I'm with Hillary. This is how I think America from would react to Trump though... I'm surprised no one else is doing these.
Russia X Trump
Russia finally found someone who wants to become one with him... Donald Trump! I'm not voting for this guy... It's too easy for Russia to control him with compliments.
I figure since I don't post on here much anymore, I might as well give you all a recap.

I don't know if there's a superstition about riding a roller-coaster on New Years, but I'm making one now...

Don't ride a roller-coaster :iconrollercoasterplz: on New Years, your body may leave the ride, but your heart and mind will stay on it the whole year through!

I started out going to Wild Adventures theme park on New Years last year and it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately.. the ups and downs and twists and turns didn't end there...

The theme park was the high point of my year, and things continued to climb when I got a job selling Cutco Knives :iconknifeplz:... but then things started heading downhill fast when it turned out I sucked horribly at the job and I wound up getting in trouble for soliciting in church! The pastor yelled at me and I ran away crying :sprint: :cries: I only did so out of desperation because I didn't know anyone with money to buy knives outside of the church, but it made me look bad some place I was already hated for my outspokenness and curiosity! My boss was flaky about being there for me to turn in my paper-work and I decided to just buy my knife-kit so I could keep it and stop trying to bother with sales.

After that I zoomed back up into the air when I got hired at :iconmcdonaldsplz:. Working at McDonald's was great, and I was excited to be high in the sky all over again, but then I went through some gut wrenching twists and turns that knocked me through loops and turned my whole world upside own!

I bit into a candy and broke my tooth :o and to work in spite of the pain :tears: using lots of numbing jell just to get through it while trying to raise money for the dentist since I had no insurance! To make matters worse, a pipe sprang a leak in the wall between my bathroom and my bedroom, and got the stuff in my closet wet! I had to take everything out of my closet and pile it on my bed because I had no place else to put it; meanwhile, I had to sleep on a roll out futon on the floor :sleep: in my entertainment room. It was very uncomfortable, and the repairmen took forever to fix it, dry the carpet, and patch the walls, so I spent months having to sleep like that because of them! :pissed:

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse and wanted to yell "STOP THE RIDE I WANNA GET OFF!!!" :cries: I dropped out of the sky so fast and sharp, and fell so low in such a steep drop... that I felt like my soul had been yanked out of my body momentarily! My pastor actually threatened to fire my fiance's mom from her job at the church and kick his little sister out of their Christian school if he didn't break up with me!!! He actually had to pretend to break up with me to save his mom's job! That drop was so low I went down screaming :jawdrop:, thought I would surely die, and heard the wheels scrape bed-rock as the coasters car reach and roll over rock freakin' bottom!

It begin a slow upward assent when we began seeing each other in secret without anyone knowing however, but then it dropped back-down sharply when I dropped a lap-top on my toe while sneaking it back in the house after using it to watch anime on wi-fi in my screened in porch late at night! I actually tried to keep it secret, but the pain got too bad for me to keep walking on it at work and I had to go to a doctor and get it x-rayed and confirmed broken. (I lied about how I hurt it though) I ended up still having to work with my toe taped and in a boot however, because I still needed the money to fix my tooth, and had to set back getting it fixed to pay my doctor bill for my toe. The pain of my toe and my tooth at the same time, and of knowing my fiance and I couldn't openly be together was agonizing!

I finally managed to get back on an upward track when I got my tooth fixed and out of pain, but after that just after Halloween :pumpkin: nausea over came me and I spilled my guts :puke: (I had actually caught a 24 hour bug and had to take a sick day from work)

Then I went flying around another tight turn and whirling upside-down again when my parents caught my fiance and I outside in the porch and I had to tell the truth. Fortunately, things regained their uphill climb when they forgave it and let it slide, I had a nice Christmas :xmas: with almost all the gifts I had wanted, and my toe got closer to getting better completely.

I'm still not back to the high point though.. because I didn't get the one gift I really wanted... my fiance and his family there to share it with me! ...and even though my tooth got the root-canal and no longer hurts, I can't afford the crown for it and I can't x-ray my toe again to see if it's really healed yet, and my fiance still has to keep things secret from his family and the church until he can get in the Navy and have money to provide for us so we can get married, but he can't until his blood-pressure goes down 20 more points... -_-;;

:phew: what a year! I'm just glad it's over and a new year has began! I hope this one turns out better! My New Years Resolution is to be more careful, because I can't physically/financially afford to break anymore of my body, or emotionally/mentally afford to break any more of my :heart:! I also resolve to Finish my homework :pc: on time for the upcoming finals and graduate successfully :w00t: with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, try to get a Graphic Design job or at least more hours at :iconmcdonaldsplz:. And to take the time to at least start and make some progress at some of the video-games I bought and haven't have started yet, and get caught up on shows like :icondoctorwhoplz: :iconnarutoshippudenplz: & :iconlegendofkorraplz: when I have free time.

If I don't reply, I'm busy cramming homework! See ya guys, till later!
  • Listening to: Dark Sky Island by Enya
  • Reading: E-mails
  • Watching: Glavant
  • Playing: Samurai Warriors 3DS
  • Eating: Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Tea


Aka No Kagura
United States
Current Residence: Who wants to know?
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Tecno, J-pop, & anime soundtracks.
Favourite style of art: I like pencil drawing, computer-paint, & photos
Wallpaper of choice: anime
Skin of choice: Pale
Favourite cartoon character: Okita Souji, Ukitake Jyuushiro, Hyatt, Hayate Gekkou, & Ukyo Tachibana
Personal Quote: "Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
The child is grown, and puts away childish things.
Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies."


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